The definition of meditation is to ‘become familiar with’. Familiar with what?

Familiar with your truest self, your powerful and brilliant self.

Many people struggle to meditate because firstly they’ve not been taught or been shown how to, secondly because they struggle to switch off and calm their busy minds and thirdly because they are fearful of what they may find if they become still and listen to their hearts.

“I always found meditating a challenge for all the above reasons which is why I created the b.l.i.s.s. meditations. They gently guide us to become still while learn how to calm the chaos within and to tap into the power of our hearts to become familiar with the beauty of who we truly are”

Try a meditation below to see for yourself and please get in touch if you would like access to more.

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Love Your-Self Meditation

The hardest thing about change is making a different choice… allow Vanessa’s ‘Love your-self’ meditation to support you making that choice for loving You.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, these simple to follow meditations transport you to ‘that’ place within that is seemingly elusive.

Begin loving your whole self now

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Appreciation for the Love Your-Self meditations

“This mediation series is now part of a daily structure. Because of my very demanding tough job as a palliative care nurse, without this meditation my mental health really takes a dip.”

“This meditation really suits anyone whether to relieve daily stresses or just to find some peace and stillness for YOU… for any reason this is just perfect!”

“Vanessa really takes you to a peace place, the tranquillity of the music, the soft tone and slowness of her voice really does have the most relaxing calming effect…”

“All I can say is…thank you for this space”

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