Do you, like me, want to experience B L I S S more often?….

You are invited to join me and an awesome group of people, like you, who want to choose a better way.

A way in which we are able to navigate ourselves through life ~ how to manage the s**t life throws at us and how to choose what we actually want!

In the deepest darkest corner of my life I prayed for a miracle!!

Contemplating doing the unforgivable ~ the formula I share is how I began to turn my life around.

It’s a daily, on-going process, I’d love to share with you!

Do join us all are welcome

Book to confirm your place below. 

This masterclass is for anyone who:

  • Even when things go right, they consciously or unconsciously find something that went wrong, find fault or to complain about.
  • They berate or put themselves down
  • They blame, compare and criticise others

We all have a tendency to allow our victim mentality take over & living in this state is exhausting, limiting and disempowering.

As an emotion health mentor and speaker I’m delivering a suite of a 90 minute online and face to face masterclasses to support us all learning to regulate our emotions for harmonious living.

Next LIVE blame to BLISS masterclass

Saturday 22nd October 2022

10am – 4pm

In this masterclass:

You’ll experience and understand the damaging effects of a victim mentality and why it takes over your life

You’ll connect to and feel your BLISS and

Most importantly you’ll learn how to bridge the gap from ‘blame to BLISS’

…because feeling really is the secret.

Book your place here to join in the conversation and to come away with a simple formula to experience more BLISS.

Plus there is 21days of daily love and support after the masterclass to cement your learnings.