Vanessa Loves ~ The ‘naked’ coach

Do you feel defeated by life?

Vanessa is an emotional health specialist aka ‘The naked coach’ as her “naked philosophy” is all about helping people heal the hurt within in order to live happier, more fulfilled, loving lives because she believes that ‘feeling is the secret to healing’.

When will now be the right time to choose you?

The Vision

One Goal, One Purpose… Love

The Mission

With the ‘naked’ philosophy we provide the tools and techniques that enable the human race to live ‘in love’ and harmony with themselves first, others and the world around them.

The Purpose

To rid the world of the three pandemics, we believe are, killing off the human race – ill health, violence and addiction. By ‘being naked’ we strip back the stories that keep us stuck in the perpetuating patterns of struggle and longing for more. Enabling us to connect to and heal the pain we harbour in our hearts so we live our lives with confidence, purpose and joy.

How can I help?


Vanessa’s masterclasses are a warm, encouraging and loving space to learn that our true power to change and create harmony within ourselves and our lives resides in us.


For those who are curious or they realise ‘something has got to change’, our community is the place to be. Many of us like to observe from the side-lines or feel more comfortable in a group of people, especially if we know it takes vulnerability and courage to change.

1-2-1 'naked' Coaching

Whether it’s a coach, a mentor, a guide or simply someone to hold your hand and your heart while you release your pain to reveal your inner brilliance. A loving and non-judgemental space is necessary when you are committed to turning your life around.

Everything we do is underpinned by our values


is the purest vibration there is and the intelligence that turns the world, grows the grass and beats our hearts. The power of Love orchestrates everything, transcends all pain and is who we are at the core.


Core Value #1


is the willingness to be open and receptive in any moment to what you are thinking and feeling regardless of the response you’ll receive from others or the outside world.


Core Value #2


 is magic. Kindness is love’s little sister and is a demonstration of our innate intent to love.



Core Value #3


If it ain’t fun don’t do it. Fun helps us relax into our soul’s purpose; the reason we are here.



Core Value #4


is the result of unity through open and honest communication. We become one, and a powerful collaborative force, when connection ‘in love’ is our overall goal and vision.


Core Value #5


is to give of our truest self which is our greatest gift to the world, for once we have received from the power of love it is only natural to then give that which we have received.


Core Value #6

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