Your Vision is Your Life Masterclass

Your vision is already within you

Michaelangelo was quoted as saying that the sculpture was already in the marble, he just chipped away at the outside to reveal the masterpiece.

The same is true for the vision you have for your life.

Your vision is already within you. 

It’s simply covered over and dimmed out because your focus is on what you DON’T want….

  • Are you admitting something has got to change?
  • Would you benefit from some direction in moving forwards in life
  • Are you looking to create and /or attract something new in their life? 

What you SEE in your imagination is what you get in reality.

Your life is where your focus is ~ does that need to change?

Living from your Vision will help you overcome any obstacle in your life…..

 “Vanessa engages the audience with enthusiasm, authenticity and professionalism. Her messages are clear and compelling and I recommend her work”

Dr Lynda Shaw