Your ‘naked’ GRID

A GRID is an emotional network to support the manifestation of my desires.

Our innate state is that of harmony and flow. We are designed to live a joyous existence, experiencing a fulfilled and loving life.

Our pain comes from not allowing ourselves to ‘feel’ our way through life, so we have come to learn and are programmed to control ourselves and our lives by ‘thinking’ that the physical part of us is doing the work.

We are energetic/ spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body.

Yes, our actions are key but it’s our energy/emotions that drive our thoughts, behaviours and actions.

To create a life we desire, our energy/emotions need to effortless flow to and through us enabling us to make choices that serve us.

However, the opposite is what we commonly experience which is a life with many days feeling stuck, struggling and longing for more and we experience pain, anger, addiction as a result all feeling out of control.

Creating and practicing the GRID brings our energy back to us and with it brings a feeling of calm and we feel more in control of ourselves and our lives.

“Vanessa has a magical and unique way of making the complicated way we live seem very simple. With her energy, enthusiasm and love she’s provided me with the tools I needed to live the life I choose” 

Sarah P