When:  Wednesday 30th August 7pm – 9.30pm


Great Missenden, Bucks

To connect to your true nature

Leave with a sense of empowerment to be able to choose your~self moving forward.
Learn some key tools to navigate each day and all life presents to you
Appreciate you’re allowed to choose you and how to create space for yourself on a daily basis
Self care is ongoing, a daily choice, It’s a necessity, not a reward, and is best intertwined into everything you do

Be your own HERO and rescue yourself to leave you feeling nurtured and restored.

Tranquility – Ignite the true essence of You


Feeling distracted, joyless and somewhat exhausted by the demands of life and others?

Seeking some much-needed space to Pause, take some time away from the chaos to recharge, refresh and ignite your spirit?

  • Come release and rebalance with Reiki

  • Melt away with meditation and

  • Surrender with a sound bath.

Leaving you feeling restored, refreshed and renewed.

Wednesday 30th August 7pm – 9-30pm ~ In person

Location: Great Missenden, Bucks