Stress Free meditations


Stress is responsible for the pain and upset we experience in ourselves and our lives. 85% of illnesses is stress induced and features highly in the breakdown of relationships, businesses and our daily interaction with the outside world.

In this stress-free meditation series, there are 7 x 15 minute guided meditations, one for each day as modern day life never runs out of ways to stress us out.

I give my heart and soul to all my work and my rituals for preparation mean I deliver my very best self in service for you.

Give the gift of peace, option to buy as a gift voucher available.

Thank you for choosing you and this stress-free meditation series. The mind in its natural state is always calm and free of agitation and the mind is self-correcting always working to return to a state of balance. Learn how to cooperate with the mind’s natural tendency to steadily decrease stress in your life and replace with the experience of a calm, centred and serene state that’s always present beneath the surface of the mental chaos. The goal of personal growth is to journey out of dark emotional patterns that cause us pain and stress, to those which cause us peace. Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you