Love Your-Self Meditations


In this Love Your-Self meditation series you’ll receive 7x 20 minute guided meditations. Our invitation is to listen to a meditation a day and to repeat in the following weeks.
Be aware of how you hear each day’s message and when repeating how each message resonates differently as each day you are in a different place in your life.
Learning to Love Your-Self is a process and takes compassion, kindness and a willingness to see and feel yourself differently.
I lovingly give my heart and soul to all my work and my rituals for preparation mean I deliver my very best self in service for you.

Give the gift of peace, option to buy as a gift voucher available.

The stunning Karen McCabe has specifically composed the music accompaniment from her heart to yours. To learn more about Karen’s ‘music for wellbeing’ work Thank you for choosing You. You are making a true and profound impact on our world by loving Your-Self first. Please do share your experience with us and know we are always open to hearing how we can support you further. “Nothing changes unless we change. Only when we recognise and appreciate that the world doesn’t need saving, neither do we, will we allow ourselves the space for Grace to work its magic within us. Healing is a choice to come home to our heart. Have the courage to BE still, listen and the balls to follow what our heart is asking of us.”  You, just as nature intended, are this world’s greatest gift. Now is the time to reveal your gift to the world. Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you