Anxiety meditations


In this freeing anxiety Meditation series there are 7 x 15 minute guided meditations. Anxiety comes from an inability to be present in the moment our invitation is to listen to a meditation a day and repeat in the following weeks to help you learn how to become truly present and to free your anxiety.

Learning to be present is a process and takes compassion, kindness and a willingness to see and feel yourself differently.

I give my heart and soul to all my work and my rituals for preparation mean I deliver my very best self in service for you.

Give the gift of peace, option to buy as a gift voucher available

Thank you for choosing you and for choosing this meditation series. Please know that feeling anxious is not how you are truly meant to feel. Nothing changes unless we choose to change. Allow Vanessa’s calming voice and soothing words bring you to a place of peace, while you practise freeing your anxiety. Watch your chaotic world around you become calm while you bring yourself to a place of stillness and Serenity. You, just as nature intended, are this world’s greatest gift. When will now be the right time for you to reveal your gift. Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you