Meet Vanessa

Helping people heal the hurt

Vanessa Louise, the ‘girl next door’ who has been played to millions across the UK via BBC, spoken at hundreds of events around the UK, helped people with her book on self love and runs countless masterclasses with her pioneering work around becoming ‘naked’.

Vanessa is an emotional health specialist aka ‘The naked coach’ and her “naked philosophy” is all about helping people heal the hurt within in order to live happier, more fulfilled, loving lives because she believes that ‘feeling is the secret to healing’.

After spending over 25 years in the cosmetic industry, it became very apparent to Vanessa that no matter how fabulous we look on the outside it cannot heal the pain on the inside.

People spend years searching and trying the next trend to look and feel better thinking it will help them solve an inner confidence problem or an innate feeling of worthlessness. In fact, each time our efforts seem to be working we fall back into a trap and that all too familiar cycle because we haven’t dealt with the REAL issue.

Vanessa is a mum of two who has successfully rebuilt her own life after a series of life events left her feeling suicidal and at rock bottom. Vanessa realised that general counselling, therapy etc was only scraping the surface and the work she had to do needed to be deeper.

Realising that when we haven’t healed our pain we potentially project that pain onto others so to coin her phrase ‘hurt people, hurt people’, Vanessa decided she wanted to live in a world where ‘loved/loving people, love people’ therefore she had to start with loving and accepting herself. It’s necessary to choose ourselves first.

After healing herself through the development of her ‘naked philosophy’, being truly at peace with one’s WHOLE self, and choosing to love, Vanessa has made it her life’s work to support people to heal from within, choose themselves for the first time in their lives and live a happier, freer life. 

‘Human Prism Principle’~ the premise to Vanessa’s work explained here

“My personal challenges stripped me bare of everything I ‘believed’ to be true and I was forced to look in the mirror at the hero who would rescue me.

You, just as nature intended, are this world’s greatest gift.

My mission is to enable others to recognise their own magnificence, move through their fears by embracing who they truly are and express their essential selves with confidence, purpose and joy.

All because this world’s greatest transformation occurs when we feel deeply connected to ourselves, others and the world around us.”