Vanessa’s masterclasses are a warm, encouraging and loving space to learn that our true power to change and create harmony within ourselves and our lives resides in us. Each masterclass is designed from Vanessa’s experience and how she overcame her own adversity.  Vanessa shares the everyday tools necessary, along with continued support, as you learn to navigate yourself through life with this new understanding.

If you’ve considered ‘there’s surely more to me and my life than this’ ~ pick the masterclass that resonates the most and start there!

Blame to b.l.i.s.s.


Do you, like me, want to experience b.l.i.s.s. more often….?

You are invited to join me and an awesome group of people, like you, who want to choose a better way. A way in which we are able to navigate ourselves through life ~ how to manage the s**t that life throws at us and how to choose what we actually want!

Your Vision is Your LIfe

Michaelangelo was quoted as saying that the sculpture was already in the marble, he just chipped away at the outside to reveal the masterpiece.

The same is true for the vision you have for your life.

Your vision is already within you.

Loves Calling

‘When did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing? When did you stop laughing?

When did you stop doing the things that bring you joy?

Our Masterclass ~ ‘Love’s Calling helps you tap into feeling the secret.

The 'naked' Grid

A GRID is an emotional network to support the manifestation of our desires.

Our innate state is that of harmony and flow. We are designed to live a joyous existence, experiencing a fulfilled and loving life.

Our pain comes from numbing our emotions and not allowing ourselves to ‘feel’ our way through life. So we have come to learn, and are programmed to, control ourselves and our lives by ‘thinking’ that the physical part of us is doing the work.