Love’s Calling Masterclass

When did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing? When did you stop laughing?

When did you stop doing the things that bring you joy?

Our latest Masterclass ~ Love’s Calling helps you tap into feeling the secret

The secret to what?

What is it that you want? ………..

What came to mind?

Was it……..Freedom…….Peace of mind……to feel loved?

My girlfriend Charlie when faced with the end of her life said to me…. “Darling I get it now!”

All her life she’d strived…..tried and tried……..Gave away all she had to make it happen……..

She was pushing on a door that said PULL.

After she died I promised myself I would carry on the work we felt so passionate about and I wrote a masterclass Love’s Calling

Is this what you need? Are you pushing hard on the door of life and chasing your tail?

This masterclass will show you the secret

Love’s Calling patiently waiting to be chosen

Next Master Class

Saturday 28th January 2023 ~ £125

“Today was warm, an encouraging space and I could be myself. I began the day feeling quite anxious and worried and by the end of the day it felt warm, just so lovely and an accepting place to be. “

Angela M