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1-2-1 'naked' Coaching

Coaching ~ mentor ~ guide or simply someone to hold your hand and your heart while you Transend your pain to reveal your inner brilliance. A loving and non-judgemental space is necessary when you are committed to turning your life around.

Facebook Community

Vanessa invites all people into her free Facebook Community Vanessa Loves which is a safe, private space for people to gain valuable tools and tips on how they can release themselves from their negative patterns and low vibe feelings, how they can ‘choose themselves’ to truly heal and how they can learn to drop from their head (the story they tell themselves) to their heart (who they truly are). Meeting other  friends/people for support and encouragement along the way.

Daily Coaching Groups

Vanessa also supports others daily through her monthly coaching groups where people come together with other like-minded people they’ve worked with on a ‘naked’ masterclass. When people who have experienced trauma or pain in some way  and are ready to commit to focusing on their emotional health to begin the healing process, they provide a great support structure for each other.



The definition of meditation is to ‘become familiar with’.
Familiar with what? Familiar with your truest self, your powerful and brilliant self.

“I always found meditating a challenge for all the above reasons which is why I created the b.l.i.s.s. meditations. They gently guide us to become still while learn how to calm the chaos within and to tap into the power of our hearts to become familiar with the beauty of who we truly are”

Try a meditation to see for yourself and please get in touch if you would like access to more.