b.l.i.s.s. whispers

A daily message of love

Do you struggle to remain consistent and disciplined while creating a new healthy habit for yourself?

Do you start with the best intentions and commitment to then feel it fall by the wayside?

Would some daily encouragement, support and guidance be helpful wrapped up in a friendly voice each morning?

b.l.i.s.s. whispers is your solution to all of the above.

The main contributing, and yet most difficult factor, to any transformation is making a different choice… and then finding it tough to continue making consistent positive choices becomes the greatest obstacle for living a transformed life.

We lose our way as we venture into the unknown, we struggle to push past perceived threats that do their best to derail our new and loving choices and our programmed need for comfort and control defeats our intentions and commitment to live the life we want to live.

In a world full of fear and painful distractions the need for
a light and loving daily audio message is much needed
to empower you to choose LOVE
and create meaningful change for yourself and your life.

It sets me up for the day and helps me focus on the positive and the blessings in life. It helps me feel uplifted and inspired by the simplicity of your message.

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b.l.i.s.s. whispers

b.l.i.s.s. whispers is a 90 second audio message that will be delivered straight to your phone privately via whatsapp each morning (Monday to Friday), accompanied with an image. You can listen to it as many times as you want to – simply press ‘play’. It will invite you to take a few minutes for yourself, to reflect, listen and be at peace with yourself. The words will inspire you, take you into a new day filled with positivity, hope and love.

The audio messages are suitable for those already living a good life and open to fresh perspectives, those seeking support through physical, mental or emotional struggles, looking for guidance or even the depressed, anxious or lonely who may seek comfort in hearing a friendly voice every morning.

Apart from recording one whole year of audio messages for thousands of people back in 2010, only my coaching groups have been receiving a daily audio message for the past 4 years until I was asked the question ‘why they weren’t available to everyone?’

I love b.l.i.s.s. whispers as they are a reminder every morning that despite life’s distractions, I am on an ever-evolving journey and it reminds me to notice my own reactions to things, to be more aware and not to take things for granted. Some days I appreciate the reminder of how far I have come and other days you offer me time to reflect and ask myself ‘how can I use that in my day’ and keep working on myself because when I am at my best, I can help others so much more.

Self-improvement is very important to me so it hits the spot every morning

“In a world that insists you run at 100 mph, having b.l.i.s.s. and Vanessa is a must in life. Calmness and a mental cuddle to start the day

“Starting every single day with an injection of inspiration from Vanessa means my day starts off on a good note and tends to stay that way. I wouldn’t be without it to keep me on track on a daily basis”

I love your analogies and the exercises you suggest and the way you invite me to try,  as it makes me ‘DO’ something.

Each day it makes me think and contemplate about certain things and I go back and check I am in the right space in my head and I enjoy hearing your voice every morning. Thank you!

I always look forward to Vanessa’s uplifting and positive messages. It is incredible just how often they really resonate and are just what you need to hear that day. Thank you, Vanessa, for always seeing the silver linings, the love and kindness, and for sensitively sharing your intuitive knowledge and wisdom. You are amazing.

Each day is so different. I love starting my day listening to your voice.