The Definition of LOVE

With such a vast subject as love, where on earth do you start in trying to define it?

That’s probably the best place to start ~ earthly love.

I believe there are 3 types of love: the first being earthly or human love. This is the type of love we are programmed to learn by others, be that parents, family, teachers or friends. 

This is the type of love that makes sense. Human love is conditional and almost tangible. I’ll love you if you do this…I’ll love you if you behave like that…we believe love is about give and take and we believe we need to feel loved for us to feel worthy. 

Human love is constantly changing  and varies in intensity. We can love someone one minute and then not love them the next and we can love them so much one minute and then not so much the next. This kind of love is dependant on so many other factors outside of ourselves and we learn to place the meaning of love onto other things or people.

We allow our EGO’s to rule the roost and love can then become a mind game. We are easily pulled ‘off centre’ by our outside environment and we regularly and easily react with negative emotions for fear of not feeling loved by others. We think we will only feel loved if we have this or do that or if we are ‘perfect and flawless’.

Human love only leads to frustration as it feels like we are trying to write a novel with only half the alphabet.

We expect other people to love us for us to feel loved or worthy which in my opinion only perpetuates a sense of disconnection leading to ill health, angry or volatile behaviour and addiction. (the belief that we will feel better by reaching out and filling ourself up with something or someone from the outside).

The second type of love is Spiritual love. The best way to describe this is Motherly love.  The intensity of a mother’s love may vary however a mother’s love doesn’t change and she may never stop loving her child. 

A mother loves with her heart (rather than her mind) and however the child may behave a mother’s love sees the beauty in her child. I am sure many mothers, like me, have said many times to their kids ‘I love you, I just don’t like what you did or said’

A spiritual love will have more strength and insight to respond with love rather than to react to situations or behaviours and on some level chooses to see that to love, regardless of behaviour of outside circumstance, is a choice. 

The third type of love is Divine Love. I’ll attempt to define the infinite, the all-encompassing and ever evolving power as best I can with words when really, we all know this is impossible. 

Divine Love never changes and never varies and is the only reliable constant throughout all of life. 

Divine Love is the highest vibration known in the Universe and has the power to heal and transform anyone or anything. 

Divine Love is unconditional, and it does not care that we may not appreciate it or pay it any attention. 

However, for us to feel harmony and a sense of inner peace and to thrive as a human being, we must recognise this power that orchestrates ALL things, also lives within us and it is our choice to let go of our limiting beliefs and the untrue stories we created around ourselves about who we are NOT and to begin seeing ourselves through the eyes of Divine Love. We are Divine, whole and complete just as we are, it’s our beliefs around who we ‘think’ we are and who we ‘ think’ we are not that create stresses and struggles in our life. 

When we become one with Divine Power of Love and allow it to flow to and through us, we will feel our most joyous, fulfilled and purposeful self, and this is the whole purpose of life. 

To feel a true sense of connection with this Divine power is what will become our guidance system throughout life and enable us to stay as present in the now and in full appreciation of ourselves and our lives. 

Strengthening this connection through meditation, breathing and intention is a daily commitment and necessary if we are to be of service to our loved ones and for the greater good. 

This is one of my favourite quotes and is a good demonstration for human beings, on how we can live with Divine Love and the difference It can make: 

Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered.

— Wes Angelozzi

To love and accept ourselves and others just as they are without judgement or criticism from a soul level, is not always easy, however I believe it is necessary for us to do if we are to have a positive an loving impact on ourselves, our loved ones and the world around us.