The irony is it’s a self-imposed prison and that you hold the key.

As I woke up in a hotel room in Cardiff this impressive image was staring back at me and the words ‘What’s the key that will set you free’ came to mind.

The answer was immediate! Express your God Given talents.

I was in Cardiff as the night before was my daughter’s Professional debut. Liberty has recently graduated as a Theatre arts performer and she’s the lead female vocalist for the UK Tour of Emerald Storm produced by Adam Garcia.

Meeting the cast at the stage door after the show, they looked alive and were beaming with excitement like they’d just won a million pounds.

That feeling of euphoria was oozing out of each of them.

I know for a fact that Liberty feels at her freest and her most fulfilled when she is doing what she loves. Singing, dancing and acting! And with a God given gift like hers she’s sharing the love and also brings joy to the hearts of those watching.

The same is also true for you and me. The key to unlock our self-imposed prison is to tap into and express your God Given talents.

It’s what makes you unique and it’s the reason you are here!