You’d be forgiven if you felt confused & utterly exasperated by your attempts to hold it all together. To not let the chaos & the fractures in life highlight where you may be failing to keep your cool.

Headless chicken & graceful swan paddling like mad sound familiar?

In times of stress, we resort to our old ways & patterns because it feels familiar, it’s what we know for being fearful of the unknown & seek certainty in times of change.

We are all living through a time in life where all we once believed to be true is challenging our existence & rocking our very core. Our survival mode kicks in & that old programme fight, flight or freeze state runs the show.

All our energy surfaces to fuel our reactions to combat the stress we feel only to perpetuate the situation & so down the spiral we descend.

You know that definition of insanity, right? Do what you’ve always done’ you’ll get what you’ve always got!

It’s time to do something different.

Take control of your rising emotions and disarm them by facing them ‘head on’, or as I like to call it face them ‘heart open’.

Those who become emotionally intelligent learn how to manage, control and express their unlovely emotions, enabling them to leverage the power their emotions have in a responsive & productive way and not reacting in a destructive way.

My trusted baseball bat and my tractor tyre is one way I allow myself the space to healthily release my rising emotions. With my heart open I courageously choose to face what’s triggering me.

Is the frustration managing to beat you to pieces?  

Or are you managing to release your frustration to feel at Peace?