Life can be quite a whirlwind, filled with ups and downs, just like a game of crazy golf. I vividly remember taking my son to play crazy golf when he was seven years old. Little did I know that this experience would offer a valuable metaphor for life itself. Through his innocent approach to the game, I discovered a profound truth: we often complicate our lives by focusing on the obstacles instead of the ultimate goal. How does crazy golf teaches us to shift our perspective, embrace challenges, and focus on what truly matters.

As I explained the game to my son, I emphasised the aim of hitting the ball through various obstacles and reaching the hole. However, in his first attempt, he effortlessly accomplished the task in one go, leaving me astounded. Super excited I picked him and swung him round, “That’s awesome Jodi, well done!” He looked at me confused saying, “I thought you said that was the hole point of the game?” It made me realise we tend to overcomplicate matters by fixating on the challenges and losing sight of our purpose and goals in life.

Just like crazy golf, life presents us with numerous obstacles—loop the loops, uphill ramps, and downward spirals. It’s inevitable that we’ll encounter these challenges along the way, and yet we often find ourselves surprised or derailed by them. We get caught up in the daily struggles, wondering why these obstacles keep recurring. We forget to focus on our vision, our purpose, and the reason why we’re playing the game of life in the first place.

Life is a continuous journey of growth and learning. Each day offers us lessons that equip us with the tools necessary to navigate through obstacles. Yet, many of us fail to recognise and appreciate the wisdom we’ve gained. Instead of seeking support from others who have faced similar challenges, we often insist on doing things alone. We forget that companionship and shared experiences can make the journey more enjoyable and fulfilling.

To make the most of each day and truly master our lives, it’s essential to prioritise our joy and follow our bliss with each step. Feeling great while living our lives becomes the true measure of success. It’s about choosing to enjoy the process, no matter how many shots it takes. When we practice living in b.l.i.s.s. (Boldly Live In Sweet Surrender), we feel more whole and experience a more harmonious life for ourselves and create a ripple effect of happiness.

When faced with obstacles, it’s essential to be kind to ourselves. Instead of berating ourselves for feeling derailed, we can recognise that it’s all part of the learning process. Obstacles are opportunities to practice the lessons we’ve learned so far, that is how we instigate true change for ourselves, especially when we celebrate the application of our lessons learnt. We must acknowledge our progress and realise that we are capable of more than we think. Remembering that our thoughts and actions shape our reality, we take responsibility for our journey and become the ones holding the golf club.

It’s not about the number of shots we take but rather the commitment to start from where we are and give it our best effort. We must remain aware that obstacles will arise, but by staying focused on the goal of being present, we can navigate our way through them and ultimately succeed.

Crazy golf offers valuable insights into how we approach life’s challenges. By shifting our perspective and focusing on the ultimate goal of presence, we can simplify our lives and find joy in the process. Embracing the lessons we’ve learned and seeking support from others, we can navigate obstacles with confidence. Let’s remember that it’s not the number of shots that define us but our determination to make the most of each opportunity. So, grab your metaphorical golf club, keep your eyes on the W-hole, and enjoy the ride!