To not be perfect all the time

To have bad days and amazing days

The choose what is best for You

To be Yourself

The words of my Primark t-shirt as I got ready this morning.

I smiled to myself this morning as I took this picture and shared with my loved ones.

Why was I smiling….

I was feeling in a feisty mood after a heavy day of clearing some s**t stuck in my system, you know that past patterning that rears it’s ugly head once in a while in an attempted to knock you off track and remind you you’re not worth it 😉

I was smiling because I LOVE my trusted Primark t-shirts and I wondered ‘why do we call it Primarni?… simple to make something sound and look better than it is’.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Primark for certain things especially my slouchies, but it reminded me of how I cover over the parts of me I don’t like to make myself look and sound better than I believe I am. Sound familiar?

I was smiling because I looked in the mirror and saw myself smiling back at me and saw a glint of something new in my eye this morning, instead of going to an old pattern of ‘I hate my freckles’ ‘I was my tummy was tighter’ etc etc….and all those old childhood ‘I am ugly stories’

In that moment I took a photo, no make up and nothing on but my t-shirt yet I felt fully dressed with my smile and knowing what’s behind it and ready to show up just as I was! ME

It’s ok to not be perfect all the time, I remind myself as I recovering perfectionist, to have bad days and amazing days, which I have certainly had in abundance of both YET I’ve learnt and still have the courage to CHOOSE ME!

It’s always a work in progress and a daily commitment I choose for sure and the main reason I was smiling to myself is because it doesn’t matter whether my shirt was £3 from Primark or £3million from some ridiculously expensive shop…

Make no mistake…. It’s a long and winding road and will continue to be…I choose and have come to appreciate that what’s inside this t-shirt is pure gold ❤

And the best bit…. SO ARE YOU! ❤

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