Nature is….

“The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to human or human creations”

Everything is in perfect order and occurs with Divine timing – so nature demonstrates.

Once we accept the concept of the Law of Oneness and that we are, as individuals, one part of the same whole, surely it makes it easier for us to comprehend that everything in our Universe is made up of the same ‘stuff’, it’s the same elements that makes up all things. It’s simply different compositions of those elements that determines whether we are a star, a human being, a tree or an animal.

So, if we believe this to be true, doesn’t it make sense, therefore, that everything, including us as human beings, are all subject to the Laws of the Universe and the forces that govern our existence.

I am almost certain, that like me, you have also questioned in some way, how life works, what’s the point of it all anyway and why we are here in the first place.

There have been and still are so many conflicting theories to answer any questions we may have about life that we are excused for throwing our hands up in the air or tearing our hair out with frustration as it really shouldn’t be that confusing. But it is and I believe it doesn’t have to be!

How can an infinite and ever-expanding Universe possibly orchestrate itself without something in place to hold it all together?

If we can trust that there is ‘something out there’ orchestrating all of existence or the greater tapestry as we like to call it, and that we, as human beings, are one stitch in that tapestry, surely this would simplify our lives?

I’d like to think so! However, life as we know it today in the early 21st Century, is evidence we have over complicated something somewhere with all the pain and suffering, poverty and scarcity present in the world.

Nature demonstrates perfectly how the Laws of the Universe govern The Universe and everything in it and if we choose to allow these Laws to orchestrate and govern our lives in the same way as nature, we too can live a life in totally harmony ~ creating a more peaceful and united existence.

Think about how the stars align, and all the planets, including our home planet Earth are spinning around a star we know as the sun. How the moon dictates the cycles of life and day turns into night and night into day creating weeks, months, seasons and years.

Have we ever given thought to how the weather works and why the sun shines or how it rains, sleets, hails or snows or how the magic of a rainbow is formed not simply for us to delight in?

Do we fully appreciate the immense water of the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers that form three quarters of our planet or the diversity of a world underwater?

Do we take time to stop and think about how a flower opens or how a snail moves without legs. How a caterpillar becomes a butterfly or trees become the pages we write on or the evolution of every species of plant, insect or animal over billions of years?

There are millions of miraculous events happening effortlessly in nature every second of every day, without our recognition or help.

Our natural world creates the most magnificent backdrop and environment for us to live in and provides all we need to thrive, so why do we, as human beings, struggle to thrive when nature thrives so beautifully without us?

Nature, AKA, Mother Nature has been here for billions of years and when she thrives, we thrive, when she falters, we falter or worse. She has fed species greater than us and starved species greater than us. Whether we regard or disregard her doesn’t matter to her, she is prepared to evolve. Are we?

Nature doesn’t need us but we need Mother Nature.

There are some profound lessons we can learn from Mother Nature if we are only willing to listen.

She demonstrates to us that there is so much more to us than meets the eye. Take the acorn – who would have thought that the tiny acorn had what it took to become a mighty oak tree. We are far greater than we give ourselves credit for.

If Mother Nature could speak in words, she would tell us we have done a brilliant job with the tools we’ve had available. What comes to mind is a simple Jasmine plant that likes to climb. Jasmine will still grow and flower, in the soil it’s planted in, even though she hasn’t had a wooden arch to climb up and over to show off her full potential. Her fragrance though will still delight all the same.

Mother Nature perfectly demonstrates all that we have ever dreamed of is possible. Simply look at the stars in the sky and how the planets align with each other. The vast oceans, rivers and lakes. The Universe is perfect and we are one with the Universe.

You could also argue that Mother Nature shows us the beauty of diversity and that what makes us different is our gift to the world. Imagine if all the trees, flowers, mountains, birds, animals, insects, sunsets and clouds were the same, how boring our world would be. Your uniqueness is what makes our world beautiful.

The butterfly is Mother Natures perfect example of teaching us that we have a whole new reality to discover and create. Just when the caterpillar thought her world had come to an end, she became a butterfly.

How about the fact that Mother Nature wants you to know that when you are totally living in flow and being YOU, you are amazing. If you could only see it for yourself you would look on in awe! How awesome a killer whale is as he leaps out of the water with a spray from his blowhole or how a peacock fans its feathers in all its glory or a snail that carries its stunning perfect home on its back.

Maybe the most profound lesson Mother Nature shows us is that we are crucial for the future of the world. Insects are the perfect example of this because if it wasn’t for them our world would not function in harmony. They play an important role in the food web. They pollinate many of our fruits, flowers and vegetables. They are food for many species while they also help break down waste by feeding on dead animals and plants. All in all insects help benefit the natural world and help keep Mother Nature in balance.

It is evident that spending time in Nature has a significant increase on our health and happiness. There are a growing  number of studies that show when we do something in Nature consecutively for 30 days, from taking a walk, to planting  a flower for the bees, to feeding the birds, to listening to water flow, our self esteem levels rise, we learn how to take risks and we unleash our creativity. In some cases it has been known to improve symptoms of ADHD having a calming influence and helping us concentrate.

For those of us suffering from physical illness and mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety, by spending time in Nature and appreciating it, we will feel the benefits of feeling happier and healthier, strengthening us to be able to manage our symptoms more effectively.

Feeling part of Nature has been proven to significantly improve life satisfaction, vitality, a sense of purpose and mindfulness. All of which have a knock-on effect with our relationships and our overall well-being.

If these studies prove such profound all-round results, why do we find it a challenge to get more people involved with getting out in Nature?

We believe if we took more interest in the wonders of the world rather than the wonders of the world wide web and experienced the benefits intrinsically, Nature would become the only pharmacy we would ever need. How handy as it’s free and available 24 hours a day.

Our magnificent world is awe inspiring and not only naturally thrives but provides all we need to thrive ourselves as human beings. Providing every resource needed from foods like fish, meat, nuts, fruits, grains, vegetables and plants to nourish our bodies, natural  energy in the form of coal, oil, electricity and the weather plus trees make it possible for us to breathe. Trees provide oxygen which is essential for us to breathe.

Our natural world also provides us with remedies to assist our self-healing. So whether it’s peppermint oil to relieve a headache or indigestion, lavender to calm and soothe your mind body and soul,  a doc leaf to relieve itching from a stinging nettle, a vibrant violet amethyst crystal for enhancing emotional well-being,  leafy green vegetables to raise your energy levels and strengthen your immune system, turmeric to reduce inflammation in your body,  or prunes to relieve constipation, our natural world provides  us all we need to support us as a well-being.

So if Nature demonstrates that everything is in perfect order and occurs with Divine timing – who are we to argue.

Our world is constantly evolving…why aren’t we?

“Look deep into nature, and when you do you’ll understand everything better” Albert  Einstein