A few weeks ago I presented an idea to my BNI networking colleagues in my speaking slot.

These foods are the same however there is one distinct difference.

Yes one is dried up and lifeless and the other is flourishing and juicy….BUT WHY?

 As you can imagine we had all sorts of answers 😊

We all resonated with feeling like the raisin at times and also loved feeling like a juicy flourishing grape.

The difference between the two is…


I wanted to demonstrate the fundamental difference between connection and disconnection.

Connection to what?

In my work I call it ‘The Power of Love’.

Some call it Universe, Source, infinite intelligence, God, you can call it Fred, I don’t mind, but there is an energy that:

1) Turns the world

2) Grows the grass and

3) beats our hearts.

To make my point I called my big, strong friend Stuart Gazely to help.

You see when we intentionally practice connecting to our hearts and the Power of Love, we feel ‘lovely’, empowered, joy~full, calm, at peace, energised and ‘juicy, to name a few.

When we live too much in our heads and allow our Ego story to convince us that this is where our power is then we disconnect from the power of Love and are left feeling ‘unlovely’ angry, tired, heavy and much like the dried up and lifeless raisin.

Using Kinesiology to demonstrate my point, I asked big, strong Stuart to hold his arm out the the side and to ‘think’ of a time where he felt sh**y and ‘unlovely’. His physical strength was unable to keep me from pulling his arm down as this thinking and feeling place he was in weakened him. (I might add that however much of a powerhouse I might be 😉, Stuart wins hands down when it comes to physical strength).

I then asked Stuart to ‘think’ of a time when he felt really good and ‘lovely. His physical strength felt like a solid post! He was immoveable.  

Much like the raisin and the grape, connection is responsible for LIFE. Connection to the power of Love opens and strengthens the capacity of our hearts.

For us to truly flourish, awaken our potential and to feel energised, it is essential for us to practice connecting to the Power of Love. Breathing, gratitude, meditation, prayer, laughing and giving and receiving cuddles are some simple ways to practice connection.

If we don’t consciously practice this connection then the opposite is what will happen. We begin to feel weak, irritated and tired, trapped in a cycle and life becomes a tedious, mundane and uphill struggle.

So the question is lifeless or life ~ Raisin or Grape?

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