One of the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt to date is that Happiness is a CHOICE!

Who we are in our most natural state is a bundle of JOY. Think about it ~ isn’t that how we feel when we see a new born baby? It’s our birth right to live HAPPY and love and happiness is our most natural ‘state of being’.

The problem is that because of our conditioning and the environment we find ourselves living in, unconsciously and little by little our natural way of being is squashed and squeezed out of us. It’s not our parents fault as they too were taught and brought up the same way and it’s difficult to escape the constant messages in media and now the World Wide Web. We find we are all caught up in ‘way of living’ that takes us further and further away from our true essence and essential ‘way of being’.

As a result of conforming to the way everyone else lives, instead of listening to ourselves, listening to our own hearts, we get caught up in the ‘shoulds’ and ‘what’s expected’ and our journey through life becomes, at times more often than we care to admit, dull, boring and mundane. We find ill health is present more often than not, violence/ angry behaviour (of sorts) appears at times and addiction to substances, a behaviour and/or people become a way of us numbing out the pain of ‘I didn’t sign up to this’ feeling and ‘is this all there is to my life’?

I once found myself here too often and for too long and I refer to this place as the ‘Shit Pit’. There are only so many time we can find ourselves in this Shit Pit and there comes a time when you’ve fallen too far into the Shit Pit that you hit the bottom.

This is where the CHOICE bit comes in. The time where you decide, enough is enough! We all have our own tolerance levels and our own ways of shifting ourselves out from this hell hole. All we have to do is ask!

Once you have made the decision to shift, the question is then ‘are you ready and also willing to now stay open to the inspired action to take. That could be to turn on the radio and allow the music to lift your spirits. It could be to call a friend and ask to pop round for a coffee. Watch a funny movie or a clip on youtube. It could be to take a walk outside in the fresh air and let nature remind you that life is abundant and here for you to enjoy, it’s simply that we’ve turned the other way and ignored what’s right in front of us.

It’s our responsibility to make that choice ~ to choose to do what helps us feel good. When I made that choice for myself, after experiencing that place I never want to revisit again, I noticed the simple things like eye contact with others, my shoulders felt open rather than hunched over while hiding, I noticed the sky and the clouds rather than the ground and the slugs. I noticed I was open to happier conversations rather than moaning and gossiping but most of all I noticed I was SMILING again. I felt more relaxed than I had felt in years. My mood lifted, my choices were empowering, my health picked up, my life was evident that my decision to choose HAPPY was working.

I remind myself it is a choice everyday by placing little smiley stickers and things that make me smaile all around the house, because there will be days that test me, challenge me and require me to keep making the choice to choose HAPPY. This all strengthens me and my ability to navigate myself through each day of my life with the knowing that I am that bundle of JOY I entered this world as and it is MY CHOICE to remain in my JOY or not.

I now know what I want because I know what I don’t want and I have made it my life’s work as an emotional health mentor and speaker to enable others to also find their HAPPY by turning back towards LOVE, the essential part of us that has always been there, even though we chose to ignore it!

Once we relearn to trust our essential selves again and do what we love and what’s makes us HAPPY we feel strong and vibrant. We feel alive and refreshed. We have more fun and we feel connected to ourselves, our loved ones and the world around us.

It’s our responsibility to remember it’s our birth right to choose HAPPY and be that bundle of JOY we were born to be and the beauty of making that choice is it fuels us through the tough times, as well living as the authentic example that illuminates the way for others.

We are well beings when we choose HAPPY and boy does this world need more of us. I have a saying at home that the kids and I are famous for saying… ”Your HAPPINESS is someone else’s sunshine” now doesn’t that feel fabulous to think you could also brighten someone else’s day?

Please don’t misunderstand me by thinking I am being flippant or that this is an easy choice to make, far from it, it may not be easy but it is a simple choice to make and also requires consistent and commitment.

I wish you as much HAPPINESS and love as you need now and in the next moment and the next moment and the next….

Be HAPPY by choosing YOU!